It was difficult to establish such a project which is happening the first time in the country, so you won’t be able to find experienced manpower and even the man planning will be complicated. This was the reason to hire and set up human capital part of the company before start up stage. Man plans were made and implemented. Hired once were trained by the most reputed and recognized training center in the world. After training they have been given on the job exercises and finally the result is a skillful team.

Competencies of Our Human Capital

During previous years we have built such a skilled Human Capital who is capable of handling any type of air craft, national and international, decorated with professional trainings from reputed IATA authorized training center. Some of these trainings, which are valid till 2018 and will be renewed on said date, are as follows;

General Security Awareness

  • DGR CAT 6
  • DGR CAT 7
  • DGR CAT 8
  • DGR CAT 9
  • Passenger Handling
  • RAMP Handling
  • Ground Support Equipment such as “De-Ice, GPU, ACU, ASU, Water Tank, Push Back, Conveyor Belt Loader, Stairs, Tacks etc.”
  • Driving in the RAMP
  • Airside Safety
  • RAMP Safety
  • Safety and Security
  • Marshaling
  • Headset
  • Loading Instruction Report

On the other hand the IT and IT Security System of the Airport is maintaining by an expert team who are certified in.

  • Microsoft IT Professional – Enterprise Administrator
  • Cisco Network Professional & Security
  • IT Infrastructure Library
  • Bosch Security System
  • Juniper
  • Semeins